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Swaray Performance

Swaray Performance is owned and operated by Tyrone Swaray, a 2012 Olympic hopeful, motivational speaker and community leader.  Tyrone Swaray has committed every moment of his life to be the definition of excellence. The success of his efforts serves as an invariable reminder to all that with hard work and dedication dreams do come true.  Swaray Performance is proud of the years training and competing at national & international level athletics!!!


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The Athlete

For years, this international sprinter and celebrity athlete have been inspiring persons of all ages. A naturally gifted athlete, Tyrone began participating in sports at a very young age. In 1994, it was clear that this young man had what it takes to one day stand atop the winner podium in serious competition and so he began formally training at the London Athletic Club. He quickly went on to win the Crystal Palace, Puma Grand Prix Sprint Series for four consecutive years (1996 – 1999). Like the great Jesse Owens, Tyrone too had a very distinctive and eye-catching sprinting technique. 

Forever committed to being the best, in 2000, Tyrone travelled to Los Angeles, California to train alongside former world record holder, Olympic and World Champion Maurice Greene. Through hard work and dedication, Tyrone soon improved both his speed and strength. The result of this training regime would be realized on May 27th, 2000 at the Jesse Owens Stadium in Los Angeles, when Tyrone ran a 9.98 seconds race; his best time to date. While a fault with the technical equipment precluded the time from being ratified, it was clear to all in the athletic community that Tyrone was a force to be reckoned with. Tyrone Swaray possesses the capacity to be the FASTEST MAN OVER 100m. 

To date, Tyrone has had incredible competitive results on the international stage. His accolades include seven international caps, two medals and one trophy. For twenty years Tyrone Swaray has amassed a history that reads like the who’s who of the sprinting community. He has trained with some of the sport’s greatest coaches, namely Ron Roddan (Linford Christie’s former coach), John Isaacs (coach to 19 British Olympians) and Selwyn Philbert (Dwain Chambers former coach). This competitive pacing h him on course to compete for Britain at the 2012 Olympic Games. 

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The Motivational Speaker

That is Tyrone Swaray’s goal both on and off the competitive stage. He takes his responsibilities as a celebrity athlete seriously and had committed himself to encourage young people wherever he goes to constantly shoot for their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals. Some of Tyrone’s greatest influences in life were people who stuck to their vision and worked through some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable to eventually become champions. It is that same message of hope, desire, dedication and determination that Tyrone shares on his various speaking engagements and public appearances.

Being a part of Sporting Champions (a Sport England initiative) Tyrone joins the ranks of twenty-one current and retired elite athletes who have been recruited as motivational speakers and leaders based upon their wealth of experience, enthusiasm for athletics and incredible ability to work with young people.

When one hears Tyrone speak or sees how he interacts with young people in the community it is clear to everyone that his dedication and standards of excellence that are apparent in his training regime translate flawlessly to his commitment of inspiring excellence and building champions, as well.

Tyrone is in constant demand by schools and youth organizations everywhere because he is such a powerful speaker. Wherever he goes, Tyrone leaves young people with a higher sense of their own self-worth and enhances their hopes and aspiration for their future.

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